We are the Sanderlin family and based out of Orlando, Florida. While in between houses in the process of downsizing  in 2017, we decided to take the opportunity to live on the road full time in an RV traveling the country. 

It began with a dream to work remotely and break the bonds of the traditional office. For many years, we worked jobs that would require a persistent commute. All the time we spent away from home, we spent apart as a family. Now that many companies embrace remote work, people are now able to spend more quality time with their families. Imagine being able to eat lunch with your kids during the summer months when they are out of school, those are the opportunities that make life worth living.

After landing that remote job after two years, the next logical step was to explore the freedom of working beyond the home office. Many days we would plan days to travel and work out of coffee shops around Florida. That paved the way to go beyond just Florida. This was our chance to explore the US and perceive the country as our home and not just a local city.

Now we live the lives of digital nomads out of our Class A Motorhome. The intent of this blog is to share that journey with others and help anyone along who wishes to do the same.

We travel with our Shih Tzu, "Izzy" Isabel.

Our RV is a 2017 Thor Motorcoach Miramar 34.4 Class "A" motorhome.