Field Trip: Notre Dame Stadium

There are times in our lives that we often dream about what our kids will be when they grow up.  Our son Tyler, is out on his own and currently owns a business in Brandenton, FL.  Amber is working on finishing high school a year early.  College visits are something that are quite common among high school students.  We don’t know where to start since being on the road.  However, we think we found the beginning of a college visit tour.

The University of Notre Dame is widely known.  We have watched movies on that use the school as a focus, remember Rudy.  While we were in Elkhart, IN, we found a unique but fun adventure.  We took our first college tour.  Albeit it was just the stadium, it was enough to inspire Amber to visit other campus tours throughout our journey.

Visiting the campus of Notre Dam was stunning to say the least. Many great athletes have passed through these walls and the entry gate onto the field. We got to experience running on the field as well as hitting the “Play like a Champion” Sign as you exit the locker room. The tour guides let us know that Notre Dame is not in South Bend. The University has there own zip code and post office, it is in Notre Dame, Indiana just outside South Bend.

The stadium recently has a major renovation done. One thing you will notice as part of the renovation is the wooden seats that once filled the stadium are now the frames for the murals throughout the concession stands and ticket booths. Notre Dame Stadium is the only collegiate field that has the US Flag Pole on the field.

Amber and I enjoyed our day here at the stadium. It was a surprise visit for both her and I. I was really surprised to hear the excitement that Amber had when she realized we were on a college campus and she can see herself there.

For this experience, we suggest you purchase tickets in advance online at $20 per person. No pets allowed for this experience. Plan for about 2 hours for the tour.

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2 Replies to “Field Trip: Notre Dame Stadium”

  1. Does Amber have a list of colleges that she’s looking at already? I didn’t do any college tours in high school, since I just assumed that it made the most sense to go to UCF while living in Orlando. No idea where I’d be if I looked elsewhere!

    1. David – She has narrowed her field of study. She wants to be a Paramedic. She is thinking Seminole State because it offers a variety of different medical field programs. She is leaning more EMT Services but has mentioned Firefighter as well. Seminole State offers both of them. Since we are on the road a lot she has the opportunity to see other cities that she might want to get her degree in. Right now its here at Seminole State.

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