Back on the Road

After some downtime to focus on spending time with the family we are back on the road. We enjoyed the holidays in Memphis, Tennessee with our extended family. We now are now looking forward to a new year of seeing this amazing country as we work towards Florida to begin our tour of the east coast.

Originally, I was born in Memphis and both of my parents had a lot of family around this area. In the early 80s, my parents wanted to spend more time at Disney, so we moved to the Orlando area and that has been my home for quite a few years. Throughout that time, I have been able to bounce back up to Memphis and spend time with family, but it’s usually in short stints between multiple years. One of the best parts about taking our home with us wherever we go, is that we can spend extended amounts of time seeing those people we care about without a rush to leave. As a bonus, Memphis is centrally located, it serves well as a satellite home base. 

The great state of Mississippi, birthplace of Elvis welcomes us.

This morning, we woke up early to get on the road. The banner image is what the TO Fuller state park looked like as we were driving out. Last night brought a cold front and a bit of snow along with it. As much as we are loving snow, we are looking forward to a bit of sunshine, beach, and blue water. Over the next few weeks we will be moving south, our first stop is Jackson, Mississippi. The southern bound trip along Interstate 55 was a short, pulled into our site and went out to dinner.

Cock of the Walk
Cock of the Walk Restaurant in Ridgelane, MS.

Our friends at KurtsFamilyTravels recommended that we visit Cock of the Walk, in Ridgeland, MS. The food, customer service, and view from our table was top notch. There were only two entrees on the menu, chicken tenders or fish. Those selections come with fries, cornbread, pickled onions, and the best coleslaw you have ever tasted. The manager ensured we were happy with our seat and warmly welcomed us to the establishment stating that “I’m just glad to have you here.” We sat next to the window where we watched the sunset and a giant moon pass upward into the sky working its way to the Eclipse tonight.Β 

Sunset outside of Cock of the Walk in Ridgeland, MS.

If you are driving along the Natchez Trace Parkway, stop in at Cock of the Walk near Jackson, Mississippi and you will not be disappointed. 

This week, we are planning to go see the state capitol building and the Civil Rights museum here in town. 

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  1. I’m loving this adventure y’all are on. I get to see the USA from my living room. Thank you for sharing and Happy Trails to you until we meet again….

  2. Did you get a good view of the eclipse? It was thankfully clear from our home, so we were able to see the full eclipse while being a few feet away from the warmth indoors πŸ˜„

    1. It was in the mid 20s here in MS last night. We walked out for a few minutes to watch it and popped back in. It was a really nice clear night for sure!

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