Home this Week – Cicero, Indiana

We have arrived in Indiana. A new state to add to our list.  We are excited to be here.  We are going to visit a few places while we are in Southern Indiana.  The State Capital, Indy Race Track Museum and the Harrison Presidential Site.  We are staying at the White River Campground and it is right on the river.  It is beautiful here and the weather is great.  We are not to far out of town so grocery shopping is easy.  We head to Elkhart on Sunday for work to be done on bus. Stay tuned for our blog posts on our progress with Thor Motorcoach.

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National Park – Yellowstone

One of the 60 National Park from the National Park Service.  We were able to visit the first National Park – Yellowstone.  It does not measure up to what a picture can capture.  It seems so surreal that you really have to see this park in person.  We were advised not to try to do everything in one day. They were right.  We still have not finished seeing the whole park.  This is one stop that we will be back to see more of its awe inspiring greatness.

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A Real Vacation – Alaskan Cruise

People think that we are already on some sort of vacation.  We have heard from others that they feel the same way.  We work and school on the road during the week and there is really no time for a vacation.  We live normal lives of working and exploring on a daily basis and we have to build real vacations into our routine.  Sometimes, this is really difficult because we travel so much.  But we made it happen.

We started cruising several years ago to vacation as a family and take a break from our electronics.  We have been to the Caribbean several times, Mexico and Honduras.  Where we really wanted to go to was Alaska.  Now that we live in a RV and we can take it with us, we could drive there, but we decided when we were in Las Vegas, to book a cruise for September to cruise out of Seattle.

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Field Trip – Presidential Library – Harry Truman

In 1955, the Presidential Libraries Act was formed.  This act encouraged future Presidents to “donate their historical materials to the government and ensured the preservation of Presidential papers and their availability to the American people.”  There are 13 Presidential Libraries across the US and we have just stated visiting them while on our journey.  Barack Obama’s Library will be finished in 2020 in Chicago, IL.

The first library under the Act that was built was the Harry Truman Library in Independence, MO.  Just outside Kansas City, we were able to visit this library and learn more about Mr. Truman.

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Question of the Day: How do we communicate?

Communication is the key to any relationship.  Since living full-time in an RV and traveling every few weeks, communication is an important aspect of our daily life.

Being on the road daily and missing our family and friends back home, we often always find a way to communicate to them.  Of course we have social media – We are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Buffalo, Elk and Bears, Oh My.

Headed East to get warranty work done, we had a week stay at the Yellowstone’s Edge RV Park, 35 miles to the North Entrance.  While we were enjoying the community over the camp fire, we were excited when a fellow RVer informed us that we should visit Yellowstone National Park more than once.

We only planned to stay one whole day in the park, but we ended up spending two evenings and a whole day in the park.  It was all surreal and an awesome experience.  We all highly recommend you visiting this National Park and plan for a few days of adventure.

Buffalo grazing at Yellowstone. Everyday we were there that week we saw plenty of wildlife. Mainly Buffalo and Elk.

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Road to Lubbock – Staying Cool About A Furnace

It's moving day. Our next stop is Lubbock, Texas. We woke up early in the morning and performed our routine to get the bus packed up and ready to move. By this point we have gotten pretty proficient at this routine but we still follow a checklist just in case. These checklists are vital to ensure that some of the more minor items that get over looked could cause some issues. For example, not latching the glass shower could cause it to swing open and shut during the travels and shatter it.

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