Crazy in Santo, Texas

We got a little Crazy in Santo, Texas.  Where the heck is Santo Texas and why is this place so significant?  Well, it’s located halfway between Dallas/Fort Worth and Abilene. The Coffee Creek RV Resort is a 15 minute drive to Mineral Wells, Texas, home of Crazy Water Mineral Well and the Baker Hotel. We thought we landed in middle of nowhere and we worried that we would have nothing to see or do – we were wrong and loved every minute of being here.  One of our favorite places to setup for a few weeks.

Coffee Creek RV Resort is located right off Interstate 20 and US Route 281.  The resort is located about 45 minutes from Fort Worth, 1 hour away from Dallas, and 30 minutes from Weatherford.

Coffee Creek RV Resort in Santo, Texas

We spent a few coffee dates in Weatherford at a cute coffee shop named The Full Cup Bookstore and Coffee Shop.  We loved the ladies that worked there as they were very welcoming and told us stories about the city itself.  The made one heck of a cup of coffee and had many books to read and purchase.  It seemed to be a local hangout for the students of the high school that was across the street.  We liked this shop and will recommend anyone in the area to visit.

Back at the RV Resort, we did many things to improve the RV.  Most importantly we added the RV Snap Pads we purchased from SnapPad.  These pads go right on our jacks and there will be no need for additional jack pads when we lower the jacks to protect the ground and our RV.  We organized throughout the RV and even made a trip to the local donation center to get rid of stuff as we do a purge roughly once a month of things we are finding we no longer need anymore on our journey.

RV Snappads Installed!

Each Sunday Morning, we venture out to church. This Sunday we went to Mineral Wells Baptist Church.  We attended for 2 weeks and one of those mornings we were able to meet a few church members that asked us to join them for lunch. We went to their favorite place Chili’s. It is good to have company other than the three of us. Friendly and new faces are always good to keep our spirits going and the willingness to share our journey. We love meeting others in different cities and are thoroughly excited when we get out of the RV.

Amber is constantly learning new things and visiting many places on our journey.  We were able to do a few things that are a bit different then our usual day trips.  We drove into Dallas to see a few things.  We started of with our first Presidential Library George W. Bush.  I imagined it was going to be a library full of books, but I was wrong.  It is a fascinating museum that illustrated the history of Bush’s life, campaign, and his presidency.  They even had a segment dedicated to the 9/11 attacks on the US.  The coolest part was that they had a replica of the Oval Office of what it looked like when he was President.

We then journeyed into downtown to visit the 6th floor repository in Dallas.  This is where I saw Amber light up and was really excited about.  We were able to walk the street where JFK was shot and see where Lee Harvey Oswald was standing when he shot JFK.  This was a sobering place to be and was influential  for Amber as she learned the importance of this corner.  Sharing the story of JFK and the conspiracies that follow had her fascinated.

We also went to the Holocaust Museum in Dallas, we all were able to hear stories of survivors that shared their journey and how it was during the War. We were all enlightened and left there feeling with more understanding of what the Holocaust was all about.

We had to have fun as well, so we went to the Fort Worth Zoo.  This zoo was really nice and large.  There was the normal crowd of people that I would come to expect on a school day.  Lots of little tots running around and fascinated by the awe of such large animals.  We spent about 4 hours making our way through the park and enjoying the company of each other. So far, the Fort Worth Zoo is our favorite.  From Elephants dancing to the white tigers roar we enjoyed this zoo.

As our time in Dallas/Fort Worth and Santo were coming to an end, we had a few firsts on our experience list; the first was our First Presidential Library, and Izzy got her first haircut and boarding while we have been the road.  Coffee Creek RV Park has become our favorite park with the best kept bath house that we have visited. 

We head off to Lubbock, Texas, birthplace of Buddy Holly, for a week to get a good in between spot before heading the Albuquerque, NM for 2 weeks.  We by no means have anything in particular to do here.  But I am sure we will find something fascinating to make our visit worth while.  

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  1. Thanks for sharing guys! Love your posts! We are enjoying “our” trip with you! Be safe 🙂

    1. Thank you Roger and Debi – We are enjoying the ride and adventure. God Bless and Love – Russ, Bobbi and Amber!

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