It’s Dinner Time…

Being on the road almost a year now, we have eaten at many different local restaurants throughout.  We usually ask the RV park staff to start on where to go.  We have been going to our Facebook Groups and ask their recommendations as well.  They give all different eateries that we have to pick a chose which ones we will visit.  We use these recommendations for family dinner night or even a date night.  It is always fun to get the first impression and order something that sounds good all while walking away full and wanting more.  Sometimes, if we have time, we will go back twice!

We have a small list of our favorites.  These are in no particular order.  We can’t rank them because they all have their own unique menu.

Pappy’s Smokehouse – St. Louis, Missouri

Pappy’s is our most recent visit to an restaurant.  This place did not disappoint.  We are in love with the BBQ selection and atmosphere that we would come back next time we are in the area.  St. Louis is known for their BBQ ribs and we had a 1/2 rack to share.  They had plenty of meat on the bones and tender the meat fell right off.

Slow Burn Chicken – Nashville, Tennessee

As we travel the US, we have entered restaurants that offer Hot Chicken.  We look at each other and giggle a bit.  Slow Burn Chicken has really set the bar for us to know what Hot Chicken is all about.  Nashville is known for Hot Chicken and we are going back this December for WordCamp US in Nashville and will be going to Slow Burn because we miss it!

Roger That BBQ – Salem, Oregon

We have tried many BBQ places throughout the nation and we have found a place in Salem, OR that seemed to be out of place.  This place was found using the Apple Maps App and it was not wrong.  We read reviews that we needed to be there early as they do sell out.  When we got there they were running low on BBQ but we did get what we wanted.  If your in the area, look this place up and skip lunch.

The Roof – Salt Lake City, Utah

Our 4th Wedding Anniversary came up while we were in Salt Lake City.  Amber had left for Orlando for a month and we celebrated with a recommendation from a local.  The Roof is a buffet and kept the food so fresh that the portions in the service trays were small enough to feed just a small table at a time.  We loved the selection of choices: chicken, steak, prime rib and veggies, soups and salads.  They go the extra mile to make it intimate and every seat has a view of the city.  We had a wonderful Anniversary dinner and night.  If you are looking for a place for a date night, The Roof will not disappoint.

Killer Pizza from Mars – Escondido, California

Amber had meet a new friend while we were in Escondido, that also lives full-time with her Grandparents.  Amber was helping babysit the younger siblings with her friend and they had Killer Pizza from Mars.  The girls had recommended this place to us and before we left, we took the girls to eat pizza, donuts and hang out at the mall.  This pizza joint did exactly what we wanted.  It was darn good pizza.  And it was killer.  Donuts from Peterson’s was a great way to end out last few nights in Southern California.

These are just a few but they are our favorites.  We can’t wait to visit new areas and visit old ones for some good eats.  Do you have a recommendation on where we should try next, let us know in the comments below.

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