Question of the Day: Doctor’s Visits

This is a common question for both human and four legged family members.  All of home doctors are back in Florida and we are planning a trip back there soon but in the meantime, we might need to see a doctor along the way.  As we journey throughout the nation, we plan for regular check-up in the cities we are visiting.

We have all had our check-ups in Salt Lake City, and all the doctors there were really excited and wanted to know more about our nomadic lifestyle. When we were in Flagstaff we did our 6-month teeth cleaning.  Also, in Flagstaff, Amber broken her ankle and we were able to visit with an orthopedic doctor to get her straighten out.  Our insurance allows us to visit doctors not just in our home state area, but anywhere as long as we chose an in network doctor.  So far we have not an issue with visiting a doctor.

Izzy has visited many vets along the way.  We have yet to encounter a vet or groomer that has had issues with her long list of health issues that need to be checked out.  We have created a spread sheet that encompasses all of her needs and her history that is easy for us to grab a go.  This helps all vets when asking a slew of questions that pertain to her medical history. 

The most recent Vet visit was for a blister on her pelvic region.  We were able to make an appointment rather quickly here in Danville, MO.  We have this record handy and when we arrived to the vet office, we were able to answer all the questions quickly and they took a copy for their records.

Izzy’s new necklace for the week.

Izzy is fine, so far.  She has a follow up on Friday before we head to Indianapolis, IN.  These records we keep handy for any RV Parks that require her shot information or even a groomer as well.

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