Travel Review – Wekiva Falls RV Resort – Sorrento, FL

Let me first start that we have been tent camping throughout our adult lives, since we have a son that was in Scouts for many years, tent camping was a regular event around our home.  We liked it sometimes… living in Florida made this is less liked during Late Spring to Early Fall months.  However, it was a great time had by all.

When we first decided to change our life style and go full-time, I was a little on the skeptic side.  Thinking this lifestyle would be like living in a tent, just a bit more glamorous, I was wrong.  When deciding on a place to stay I was looking for something with a Ritz-Carlton stay with a Super 8 budget.  We purchased our new motorhome in July and moved in October.  In between that time, I was able to scout out new places to stay with the requirements that we needed to make sure we sustain the living lifestyle we have grown accustomed to.

For the Travel Reviews we are going to use several criteria areas – WIFI reliability, Lot Size, Site Condition, Amenities, Staff and Cost.

We stayed at Wekiva Fall RV Resort for 31 days.  We visited several RV resorts in our area and we chose this as our first home to get settled in and transition.



  • WIFI Reliability –  As Wekiva Falls does offer WIFI on two connections, it is not as reliable as we expected.  We needed the WIFI connection to stay constant since both my husband and daughter need it for work and school.  We soon realized that we needed to get a dedicated HotSpot for our needs.  You have the option to upgrade for a Premium option but still this could be an issue if everyone in the park is also using this option.  Recommendation is to have your own dedicated HotSpot.
  • Lot Size – Wekiva Falls has many different option depending on your rig and noise type.  We stayed at lot 690 which was a premium quiet lot.  This was an AWESOME experience.  We had a 100 by 30 foot lot which was plenty of room for us.  We were able to park 2 cars on the lot and still could have parked a few more if we wanted to.  This lot came with a concrete picnic pad, picnic table, and full hook-ups.  50/30/20-amp service.
  • Site Condition – Since we did not know the difference that site conditions could vary, this site did the job.  This site was a grass site with a sand bed.  We used treated wood as jack pads, which we soon realized that was not a good idea.  The sand/dirt was constantly wet because of the rains we got while in Florida which resulted in coming into the bus regularly.
  • Amenities – Wekiva Falls offers many amenities that are useful for families.  We however used very few of them.  We did use the showers on a few occasions – there were very clean, and I would use them again.  The laundry room was always available and did not ever have to wait for a machine.  Washers are $2.50 per load and Dryers are $2.25 for 60 minutes.  They have a natural spring with a water slide that is a constant 74 degrees year-round.
  • Staff – I cannot begin on how wonderful the Staff at Wekiva Falls treated our family.  We asked many questions and received many packages and never had an issue with any staff member.  All staff members were willing to help with any questions we had.
  • Cost – We stayed for a month and received a monthly rate plus electric at 15 cents a kilowatt.  This to us was a reasonable rate since we were paying well over $2000 a month in a mortgage payment and other home expenses.  Our rate was $690 for the month and $90 for electric.  We came out WAY ahead for our home expenses for the month :happydance:

Now for the not so glamorous part of Wekiva Falls.  We will all way in with one statement that we each found as opportunities for improvement during our stay.

  • Amber (teenager point of view) – Need for more grass, dirt was a large issue for me – I like to go barefoot and wear sandals.
  • Russ (Dad) – No sidewalks – We have a dog and many residents were using golf carts to get around and sometimes could not see us walking our furry child.
  • Bobbi (Mom) – Showers could have turn dial options. We did discover that the temperature on the showers are pre-programmed to help control the humidity during the summer months, however during our stay we had a few cold mornings and was in need for a hot shower.

So here is our first review.  Let us know if you stayed here and what your thoughts were as well. Or ask a question about our stay.

Remember, home is now where we park it.

Until next time – Bobbi

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  1. I just read all the blogs. Loved your detail and honesty. Praying for y’all. See ya when you get back home! Keep us posted.

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