Why We Started Living in an RV Full Time

In 2015, we set out on a journey that we needed to sell out home and move into something smaller.  We put our house on the market right before the summer break.  At this time, we were looking at smaller homes, condos, and townhouses in the same school district, so our kids can finish school here in the county they have grown up in.  The house was on the market for 7 months before we decided that we needed to take it off the market wait until our oldest graduated to try again.  Our search was over for now and we know that God has plans for us and we must be patient.

In April 2016, we went to the Dave Ramsey Smart Conference.  His daughter Rachel Cruze, was there promoting her book Live Your Life, Not Theirs. In her talk, she expressed that on her social media account she watched countless friends post pictures of their vacations and wondered if she will ever be able to go on these vacations without going into debt. I lead me to ponder on this. We have no debt except for our home and we are still wondering why can’t go vacations around the world.  We carry on, day to day.

July 2016, Russ’ 40th Birthday celebration, we went on a River Boat cruise along the St. Johns River.  We met a couple on there that travels in their RV during the summer months and works in a theme park in Pennsylvania as seasonal employees. Russ and I were both intrigued, but we would only consider this when we retire in about 20 years or so.

God was planting seeds for us as we continue and hang onto a house that we could not consider home anymore.  Our walls were bare, and the kids were home less and less.  Our house, was just somewhere to lay our head at night and wake up the next morning with the same routine.

We graduated college in December 2016 and we were ready to set the world on fire.  We both earned our Bachelor’s Degrees in Business and Information Management from Seminole State. Our oldest is about to graduate from High School and we thought he would be moving on either to college or to the military shortly thereafter.

January 1, 2017, Russ tells me he has found our solution to new home dilemma.  Let’s move into an RV and find our new home somewhere else other than Florida.  I said "are you crazy and what kind of naïve girl do you think I am?"  He showed me the research that he has done.  Showed me other families that full-time and we even went to RV shows to help ease my mind. It was not until March that I was fully on board with this idea of full-time RV living, but after much research, time and excitement I was eager to start living our life on the road.

So here we are March 2018, and we are in New Mexico.  By Easter we will be in San Diego California. We are still on the search for our new city to call home but for now our home is exactly where we park it.

Why we chose to do go full-time is a long answer.  But here is the short of it.  We are encouraged by God to be better stewards with our money, time and our prayers.  We prayed a lot and we chose that we want to be better stewards with the things and money we have.  We sold the house we lived in and traded it in for a minimalist lifestyle, we get to see what God has naturally provided for us and are able to be better stewards with our money by giving more to the church and exhausting all debt for our lives.  This is our why.  Everyone each has a different why.  We know that tomorrow is not promised, and we can’t take our things with us when we enter Heaven!

Marissa and Nate from Less Junk<More Journey did an outstanding YouTube video on why people full-time.  There are many other reasons why people full-time.

Meanwhile, we are enjoying our journey and please continue to follow us as we continue to find our next home as God leads us on this path.

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  1. Very cool you guys! Enjoy this chapter in your life. What an adventure. Tell Russ and Amber hello form us. God bless you guys! Xoxo

  2. I am also contemplating going to RV living in about 6 months.. I’m a Physical Therapist own a home which I’m currently renting out and also have an apartment near where I work. I want to enjoy life ditch the apartment and travel.

    1. Laurie – Thank you for the reply. There are plenty of opportunities out there to work on the road. When we stayed in Williams, AZ we met a couple that was there because he was a traveling PT for 13 weeks in at the hospital. Good Luck and reach out of you need a pointers. – Bobbi

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