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It’s amazing that almost 3 months ago, we started this new adventure.  I have been to places on this adventure that I have only dreamed about and thought they only existed on TV.  Russ was stationed in California when he was in the Marine Corp, Amber has never lived outside of the state of Florida and I have only been as far as Houston TX my sophomore year of high school 20+ years ago.  Now, this lifestyle gives all of us to see parts of the United States that God has put here for all of us to see. 

We travel about every 2 weeks.  We are finding this much time is too short.  However, it leaves us wanting more and come back.  We have spent 5 weeks in Texas and we could quite possibly do more than 6 months here.  We met some amazing couples here through local churches that we attend every week.  They give us advice on where to eat, where to go and have even offered their home when the weather was getting bad.  This is what I miss. 

I miss a lot of things. But not anything for me to convince Russ to turn our bus around and go back.  I miss my Starbucks hang out with my dear friend. When I miss her, I call her, and we talk for hours.  I miss going to the office and using my talents for good, when that wave comes over, I write a blog post.  I miss going to a grocery store other than WalMart and seeing a neighbor to say Hi, when this happens I talk to someone new in the store.  I miss the known, and then I remember that the unknown gives me the best memories that I will take with me wherever I go.

Tyler and I at Graduation 2017

The one thing I miss the most, one of the greatest things God has given me is my son Tyler.  He is 19 and amazing.  As a Mom, I could not be any prouder of him as I am today.  I miss his smile.  He has a smile that makes a mother’s heart melt.  He is a kind and wonderful young man.  As parents we contact him regularly to let him know we are still here and thinking of him.  We remind him what an amazing young man he is and remind him that he makes us proud every day.

So, these are the things that I miss.  I don’t miss stuff – I get the gratification that I get to see more of what God’s beauty has to offer.  I don’t miss the traffic or deadlines.  I love our adventure, I love our unknowns, and I love who I am spending it with.  I would not change it for the world.

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