Thor Motor Coach Warranty Work – Part 1

We are currently in Elkhart, Indiana getting our home warranty items taken care of.  Even with a stick and brick home, there are always issues that need to be taken care of, whether it be under warranty or not.  Today is day three and we have already seen amazing results.  Thor Motor Coach has really gone above and beyond to make sure we stay comfortable and informed on what they are doing.

When we arrived on the Sunday before our scheduled appointment, we were greeted with other owners scheduled for work as well.  To our surprise, another coach that was nearly identical to ours, same year, floor plan and paint scheme was there as well. We all began talking and sharing our personal adventures and challenges with our respective coaches. Through the discussions, we learned some new tips, tricks and advice on places to visit next. Despite the circumstances, everyone showed up in good spirits.

Currently, they are working on floor issues.  We are in a hotel since they had to remove the slide to access the floor.  We are being very flexible and gracious of all the hard work Thor Technicians are doing.  We have not asked when they will be done since we want them to take their time to do it right and not feel pressured to rush.

It did not take too long before they began removing the trim to pull the slide out.

We can’t express enough that the Thor Motor coach service team and other personal we have encountered have been AMAZING!  They are super personable, kind and patient with all of the questions we have.

So far this issues below have been taken care of:

  • The steps have been loose – Screws have been changed and tighten
  • Driver’s Side Window has been sealed and no more water intrusion
  • Slow Rise Shades have been adjusted to rise slowly
  • Drawers that open while driving have been tighten, they even showed us how to lock the drawer while moving
  • Shower leak – O-Rings replaced and firmer support was added under the shower pan.

Submitting your Thor Motor Coach for warranty work:

Disclaimer – This is our experience and our steps. Results may vary, it is key to be flexible and patient.

  • First and foremost, call the dealer you purchased your unit from, let them know your issues first.  We called our RV dealer and we had no luck with them.  We then called Thor.
  • Call Thor Warranty Desk to get a ticket started – have your VIN # handy.
  • Document and take pictures of possible warranty fulfillment issues
  • Email pictures and note your issue you are having with the area.
  • You will receive communication from Thor when warranty will be fulfilled and when you need to be in Elkhart for work to be done.  Note: As a Thor MotorCoach owner we would advice not to  negotiate on when you come in (currently it is a 3 month wait), since they are going to do warranty work.  If your MH needs to be fixed immediately they will refer you to a local RV shop to fix the issue.
  • We took precautions that would not cause more damage while we wait to come into Elkhart

Once your date is set, you can come to Elkhart and stay in the parking lot outside of the service center.  They have electric and water hook-ups, and a dump station on site.  At 7am, the tech assigned to your motor home will come and go over your list of issues and then they will take into the service bay to begin the work.  At 3pm, they bring your coach back to the parking lot for you to stay the night if you need more work to be done the next day.

There is a customer waiting room with comfy couches, cold water, snacks, and a microwave.  If the techs need anything, they will either call you or locate you in the waiting area.

You also have the option to drop off your motor home and they will work on it and call when they are complete.

Stay tuned for more later this week on our progress.  Ask your questions below and we will be able to answer them to the best of our knowledge.

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6 Replies to “Thor Motor Coach Warranty Work – Part 1”

  1. My thoughts on the issue of going to factory are why should we have to take a 3500 mile round trip to get items fixed properly? RV World of Yuma has been doing a good job but even if they weren’t we feel Thor should repair by sending techs to your dealer. We have 2 new Jeeps and we don’t have to take then to Detroit to get them repaired properly.

    1. Hey John, if you are comfortable with your dealership doing the repairs, that is a great! Since we are full timers, downtime to us is critical. Prior to picking our coach up for the first time, the dealership had the bus for three months, and only fixed about 50% of the items that we had on our list. Some of the issues identified have existed prior to taking delivery of it.

  2. Agree with John Arnold… if Thor spent as much time and money doing the assembly and testing/inspection as their repair shop does the requirements to travel to Elkhart wouldn’t be needed… in the above article it sounds like the repairs needed were mostly minor in nature and could have been done locally… just say’in…

    1. Hey Scott. The major repairs that needed to be handled were the floors that were subject to wood rot from water penetration. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have brought it to the factory for minor repair items. In the Miramar, they lay the floor down in large piece and undoubtedly it was not going to be an easy job to tackle.

  3. I took possession of a 2018 Challenger 37 LX, was told it was used and it had 1,100 miles on it. the Dealer advised the first owner had it lesss than a week and his wife made him return it for a fifth wheel. When I registered the MH in Nevada the Title shows me as the first owner. With that said Johnny Walker RV in Las Vegas did as yours is being done in Indiana but ours was in for a week after week took possession and another week in June. We stayed in a hotel. We are full timers as well and Thor picked up the hotel tab. So push the dealer you purchased your rig from. Thor is honorable and will make it right without having to drive to the factory. Our Floor had to be replaced, Thor sent it to the dealer and a local flooring company installed it. Our inverter, converter, fireplace, outside TV, Antenna amplifier and every screw in the rig had to be tightened. it took 2 weeks six months apart and we are happy with our home now. Take ownership of the problem and push until it is taken care of.

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