What About… Cooking

My kitchen in Orlando was my ultimate kitchen.  Black Granite counter tops, cherry wood cabinets, stainless steel appliances and every small appliance that you can find at Target.  However, when moving into the RV, I was faced with a lot of changes – the biggest shocker was the size.

We have a 2017 Thor Miramar and one of the features that I love about this model was that it has 2 kitchens.  One on the inside and one on the outside.

Kitchens in our home

As you can see that we significantly decreased in size of our kitchen.  We have a 3 burner gas stove, gas oven, dual sink and plenty of outlets – all on the inside.  The outside kitchen has a sink, dorm room size refrigerator, a few drawers and a cabinet.  The best thing the outside kitchen has is a propane port that we can hook-up our grill. 

We have a few normal kitchen appliances on the inside to make things easier to cook because of my space is limited.  Below are a few of my favorite things that I have and would recommend to any RVer that enjoys cooking

  • Stackable Bowls – I got these bowls for Christmas and they are AMAZING. Amber and I use them for everything. They replaced my mixing bowls, strainer, and measuring cups.


George Foreman – This little grill is amazing when we can't cook outside.  We cook everything from Sausage and Bacon to Burgers and Chicken.  It has an easy clean up and is small enough that it does not take up much space.


Instant Pot – I have an 8 quart pot and its has replaced my slow cooker, rice cooker and most of my pots.  I love my IP so much, I have joined several FB Groups to give more ideas on what to cook.  I have even cooked a cheesecake in the RV using the IP.  There are a lot of accessories and I have recently just bought my first one – seals.


Do you have any favorite items that I should look into getting that would help save space and weight.