Home This Week – Missouri

Almost a year ago we set out on a journey that would take all over the United States.  We have visited 19 states and many different places of interest.  We are moving fairly quickly these past few weeks to get to an appointment that we have in Elkhart, IN.  Part of our journey is picking our places to call home for a week or so.  This week we are in Danville, MO.  Between Columbia, MO and St, Louis, MO.

We have a few places we are planning on visiting.  The capital in Jefferson City, the Gateway Arch, and Grant Home.  We plan to have some St. Louis BBQ.

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Question of the Day: Doctor’s Visits

This is a common question for both human and four legged family members.  All of home doctors are back in Florida and we are planning a trip back there soon but in the meantime, we might need to see a doctor along the way.  As we journey throughout the nation, we plan for regular check-up in the cities we are visiting.

We have all had our check-ups in Salt Lake City, and all the doctors there were really excited and wanted to know more about our nomadic lifestyle. When we were in Flagstaff we did our 6-month teeth cleaning.  Also, in Flagstaff, Amber broken her ankle and we were able to visit with an orthopedic doctor to get her straighten out.  Our insurance allows us to visit doctors not just in our home state area, but anywhere as long as we chose an in network doctor.  So far we have not an issue with visiting a doctor.

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Field Trip – Presidential Library – Harry Truman

In 1955, the Presidential Libraries Act was formed.  This act encouraged future Presidents to “donate their historical materials to the government and ensured the preservation of Presidential papers and their availability to the American people.”  There are 13 Presidential Libraries across the US and we have just stated visiting them while on our journey.  Barack Obama’s Library will be finished in 2020 in Chicago, IL.

The first library under the Act that was built was the Harry Truman Library in Independence, MO.  Just outside Kansas City, we were able to visit this library and learn more about Mr. Truman.

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Question of the Day: How do we communicate?

Communication is the key to any relationship.  Since living full-time in an RV and traveling every few weeks, communication is an important aspect of our daily life.

Being on the road daily and missing our family and friends back home, we often always find a way to communicate to them.  Of course we have social media – We are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Buffalo, Elk and Bears, Oh My.

Headed East to get warranty work done, we had a week stay at the Yellowstone’s Edge RV Park, 35 miles to the North Entrance.  While we were enjoying the community over the camp fire, we were excited when a fellow RVer informed us that we should visit Yellowstone National Park more than once.

We only planned to stay one whole day in the park, but we ended up spending two evenings and a whole day in the park.  It was all surreal and an awesome experience.  We all highly recommend you visiting this National Park and plan for a few days of adventure.

Buffalo grazing at Yellowstone. Everyday we were there that week we saw plenty of wildlife. Mainly Buffalo and Elk.

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Crazy in Santo, Texas

We got a little Crazy in Santo, Texas.  Where the heck is Santo Texas and why is this place so significant?  Well, it’s located halfway between Dallas/Fort Worth and Abilene. The Coffee Creek RV Resort is a 15 minute drive to Mineral Wells, Texas, home of Crazy Water Mineral Well and the Baker Hotel. We thought we landed in middle of nowhere and we worried that we would have nothing to see or do – we were wrong and loved every minute of being here.  One of our favorite places to setup for a few weeks.

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Among the Roses in the City of Tyler, Texas

Periodically, we call a new city home.  For two weeks we stopped to smell the roses in Tyler, Texas.  There are no major highways that flow through it nor is there a major downtown area like Orlando, but what it has is a lot of charm and the locals were kind and welcoming. This city has a homey feel that we have fallen in love with and we would settle down here if we did not enjoy traveling so much. 

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Why We Started Living in an RV Full Time

In 2015, we set out on a journey that we needed to sell out home and move into something smaller.  We put our house on the market right before the summer break.  At this time, we were looking at smaller homes, condos, and townhouses in the same school district, so our kids can finish school here in the county they have grown up in.  The house was on the market for 7 months before we decided that we needed to take it off the market wait until our oldest graduated to try again.  Our search was over for now and we know that God has plans for us and we must be patient.

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Road to Lubbock – Staying Cool About A Furnace

It's moving day. Our next stop is Lubbock, Texas. We woke up early in the morning and performed our routine to get the bus packed up and ready to move. By this point we have gotten pretty proficient at this routine but we still follow a checklist just in case. These checklists are vital to ensure that some of the more minor items that get over looked could cause some issues. For example, not latching the glass shower could cause it to swing open and shut during the travels and shatter it.

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