RV Lifestyle – Missing Parts

It’s amazing that almost 3 months ago, we started this new adventure.  I have been to places on this adventure that I have only dreamed about and thought they only existed on TV.  Russ was stationed in California when he was in the Marine Corp, Amber has never lived outside of the state of Florida and I have only been as far as Houston TX my sophomore year of high school 20+ years ago.  Now, this lifestyle gives all of us to see parts of the United States that God has put here for all of us to see. 

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Tom Sawyer’s RV Park – West Memphis AR

Located on the Mississippi River, this quiet park had all the amenities we needed.  We were “home” for Christmas.  Russ was born in Memphis and most of his family still reside here in the Memphis Area.  We have not spent a Christmas here in a very long time and it was time for a change.  Bobbi loves being around family during the holidays and this was a perfect location.  Tom Sawyer’s was able to accommodate us for two weeks.  We arrived Christmas Eve Eve and left right after the New Year.  If you are needing a place to stay off the beaten path, away from the highway and a picturesque view, this is the place to stay.   This resort was absolutely an amazing place to be.  We really enjoyed our stay here.  It is close enough to Memphis and far enough away from the hustle an bustle of things.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND

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Green Acres RV Resort – Savannah, TN

“Green Acres is the place to be with your RV” – This resort was absolutely an amazing place to be.  We really enjoyed our stay here.  We definitely felt like we were home here.  Located about 20 minutes north of the Mississippi Border it was an amazing quiet place to call home for a week.  The nearest Starbucks is in Huntsville, AL if that gives you any perspective on where Green Acres is.  We would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this resort to any one!

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Instant Pot – Creamy Chicken Marsala Pasta

The Instant Pot phenomenon is happening in our RV.  Long before we moved in we bought an IP so I can get practice using it.  I had a few fears and was timid on using it at first.  As I began using the IP, I began to feel more comfortable using it and not comfortable enough to stray to far from a recipe.  I follow all the rules and take extra care cleaning it.  Recently, I have bought my first accessory for the IP – New Silicon Seals.

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Where and What’s Next

Since beginning our travels we have set expectations on where to go next.  We have the next few months plan out and reservations made.  We sometimes run into travelers block on which direction to go next.  While the whole family contributes to what we all want to see and do, what towns we want to stay near, visit with family or friends, or even a larger city for Airport accessibility.  The task of planning is almost a full-time job.  It is often daunting at times.  

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The Hermitage – Andrew Jackson’s Home

This was a fun and very educational place to visit. Highly Recommend!  While learning about history and nature on our adventure is important we tend to find spots that Amber would enjoy the most and the Hermitage did not disappoint. This was our first educational stop.  Amber seems to be intrigued by Andrew Jackson's contribution to the forming of US History.  Bobbi looks at this as the dots are finally connecting.  It was an amazing experience of history and a step back in time.  Be sure to watch the movie at the beginning.

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Field Trips – Nashville Tennessee Edition

Part of our adventure is to see the local life.  Look at what each town is known for and really embrace what we find in each area has to other tourists.  We try to make each field trip an educational one but sometimes we must have a little fun as well.  While visiting Nashville, we came across some wonderful places to visit.  We often start with a little research of the area, use Groupon to find discounts, ask locals for recommendations, and watched the local TV stations for ideas.

Nashville is no exception to the rules.  We could have spent more time there and still not have finished visiting all there is to offer in Nashville.  We must save some for next time we come through.  For now, here are our field trips that we have visited while we were there.

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Travel Review – Grand Ole RV – Goodlettsville, TN

credit: http://www.grandolervresort.com/


About 12 miles outside of Nashville, TN; this RV Park is quite a gem.  This being our first stay outside of Florida we were very excited to be in a new town with a different view.  While we stayed here we had a purpose in mind, we were in town for WordCamp US at the Music City Center in Downtown.  We also need to be close to an airport since Russ needed to fly to Charlotte for a week of on sight work.  Grand Ole RV was a perfect location for both these events.  It was so great we extended our stay for another week making it a total of 3 weeks of stay.

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